Barbeque Woods, Chips, Charcoal, & Sauces

It’s Always Grilling Season @ Von Hanson’s!

Not only do we offer 1st class butcher shop services in our local Chandler, Arizona location; here at Von Hanson’s Meats & Spirits we offer our customers a wide variety of Barbeque Woods, Chips, Charcoal, and Sauces that would appeal to any taste bud. The combination of our savory hand cut meats and large selection of BBQ products will leave your appetite wanting more! Visit our barbeque section today before your next grill day!

Barbeque Woods, Chips, Charcoal


* Maple Chunks

* Hickory Chunks

* Apple Chunks

* Pecan Chunks

* Peach Chunks

* Mesquite Chunks

* Oak Chunks

* Cherry Chunks

* Wood Pellets

Sauces & Spices:

* Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

* Three Little Pigs BBQ Sauce

* Bone Suckin’ Sauce Seasoning

* Kansas City’s Own Gates

* Scott’s Seasonings

* The Salk Lick Rubs

And Many From Local Arizona Companies!