About Von Hanson’s Meats Beef

Von Hanson's Meats is known for its high-quality Mid-West style Beefs. At our Von Hanson’s Meats Arizona location we sell the very best – Certified Angus Beef. See the information below to learn about our Signature Cuts, Other Beef Items, Certified Angus Beef, and our Fresh Hamburger.

Signature Von Hanson’s Beef Cuts:

  • 45 Day Dry Aged Tomahawk Steaks
  • Beef Tenderloin Fillet Mignon
  • Bone In & Boneless Rib Roast
  • Famous Grill Steaks (unseasoned and seasoned)
  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Strip Steaks
  • T Bone and Porterhouse

Other Von Hanson’s Beef Items:

  • 3 Types Fresh Ground Beef Daily
  • Beef Kabobs
  • Beef Tender Bites Skewers
  • Bone In Short Ribs
  • Briskets
  • Chuck Roast
  • Flank Steak
  • Ribeye Hearts
  • Sirloin Fillets
  • Top Sirloin
  • Tri Tip

Other Von Hanson’s Items:

  • Ostrich Meat

and More!!


Certified Angus Beef is the only Beef certified for the best flavor. Below we describe why and how Certified Angus Beef is the very best. There are 10 quality of standards guarantee that Certified Angus Beef follows with consistent flavor, tenderness and juiciness. If it’s not Certified, it’s not the best.

Marbling: The Key to Flavor

1) Amount: Marbling, the small flecks of fat within the beef, is the main contributor of juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. By having Beef with more marbling can be cooked to a higher temperatures and still be juicy. With Certified Angus Beef you get modest or higher marbling.

2) Texture: To ensure consistency in every bite, Certified Angus Beef must have medium to finely textured marbling. By having a coarse marbling is less desirable.

Maturity: The Key to Tenderness

3) The cattle must be less than 30 months of age by dentition and only with A-maturity lean to be Certified Angus Beef. Sizing: It needs to be Consistent -- Delivers Thicker, more Uniform Cuts

4) 10 – to – 16 square inch Ribeye area ensures more uniform cuts throughout the carcass. A heavy lip on Ribeye doesn’t always mean a large eye. It might simply be longer, with the potential to get one to two more steaks. Certified Angus Beef heavy or up Ribeye will still offer a product with consistently size steaks, while other programs maybe include 16-inch or larger Ribeye’s even in a light box.

5) 1,100 pound hot carcass weight or less: works in conjunction with Certified Angus Beef Ribeye area specification to deliver less variation in each box, even as Beef carcasses throughout the industry are larger.

6) 1-inch or less fat thickness helps control overall leanness and yield. Appearance and Tenderness

7) Superior muscling assures a premium, uniform plate presentation.

8) Practically free of capillary rupture delivers a more appealing appearance.

9) Not allowing any dark cutters ensures consistent appearance and flavor.

10) No neck hump exceeding 2 inches safeguards against Brahman influenced cattle which have more variation in tenderness.

Just because it’s “Angus” doesn’t mean it’s “Certified”. Only 3 in 10 Angus qualify.


Below is a breakdown showing you the USDA quality of grades as a percent of federally graded Beef. In the image below you will see where Certified Angus Beef falls within these guidelines.


About Von Hanson’s Hamburger:

At Von Hanson’s Meats & Spirits we grind our Hamburger fresh daily. Von Hanson’s uses Certified Angus Beef for all Hamburger, which provides our customers with a burger full of flavor whether grilled outside or pan fried. Von Hanson’s Meats offers lean and extra lean Hamburger fresh in the case daily. Von Hanson’s also offers fresh frozen Hamburger in both bulk and patties. We have Hamburger patties that are available in different flavors and ready to put on the grill. Some of these flavors include: Jalapeño, Blue Cheese, and Bacon are a few of the different types of Hamburger flavors offered. Von Hanson’s Meats & Spirits also has Beef sliders available for the perfect party appetizer.

When you walk into Von Hanson’s Meats, we have a large selection of Certified Angus Beef fresh in our case daily. We have a variety of cuts in our case, but if you see something that is not there don’t hesitate on asking one of our expert Butchers. We can do any custom cuts and even do specials orders upon request.

When you stop by Von Hanson’s Meats next time to get one of your favorite cuts of Beef or try something new our goal is to “meat” the needs of every customer.