Knife Sharpening

Von Hanson's Meats Knife Sharpening

Von Hanson's Meats has Knife Sharpening on site every 2nd Monday of each month!

If you have any knives you want sharpened, please drop off before the 2nd Monday of the month. Knives that arrive before the 2nd Monday of the month can usually be pick up later that day. Example, a great time to drop off knives would be over the weekend when picking up your favorite meats! Arrival times vary depending on their route that day, but they try to get there by 9am and sharpen everything that has been dropped off that day.
Pricing for sharpening:
$1.25/blade inch for standard knives
$1.50/blade inch for serrated knives
(minimum $6/knife)
Repairs $6/item repaired
Scissors and Lawn Tools $13 each.

We always post on our email and social media what day the next knife sharpening will be. If you'd like to stay up to date - be sure to add your email address to our newsletter and follow us on social media!
See you at the shop!