The Ethical Hunter’s Best Friend

In the caveman days, hunting, eating and survival was the name of the game. The best hunters were the best providers of meat for the entire year for their family and became tribal leaders. Today, hunting has become a sport and hunters hunt, kill their prey and mount their trophies on their walls. However, today’s’ ethical hunters complete the food chain circle by feeding their families and friends with the meat that they have killed. There is no waste and the food is consumed.

Unlike the “good old days”, most modern hunters have not been schooled in the ancient art of wild game processing and sausage making. Since modern hunters are caught up in todays fast pace society and responsibilities, a wild game processor and sausage maker becomes the ethical hunters’ best friend.  The right wild game processor and sausage maker can make the difference in whether the hunters’ kill is eaten and enjoyed as it should be or tossed in the garbage or stored for years in the freezer because no one likes the taste of the meat. Von Hanson’s Meats & Spirits is the processor that can transform the hunters’ wild game meat into delicious steaks, roasts, ground burger, brats, and sausages.

Von Hanson’s has been processing wild game for 24 years and is known as the meat shop where customers select the cut, thickness and quantity of high quality meats. The difference between the high quality meats featured at Von Hanson’s and other markets begins with the customer’s first taste of the meat and continues to each subsequent taste. Bite into Von Hanson’s beef and enjoy exquisite mouth watering tenderness and marbling flavor with each bite. Whether a customer desires a 2 inch steak or ¼ pound of double smoked bacon, Von Hanson’s will customize the order to the customer’s desire.

Von Hanson’s offers the hunter the same commitment to customer satisfaction when processing wild game and each hunter can specify what he or she wants. Von Hanson’s has its own on premise smoke house where wild game sausage creations are created. The hunters can choose from the tried and true sausage recipes created and offered by Von Hanson’s for the past 26 years.

Whether buffalo, elk, deer, javelina, or another species, Von Hanson’s will assist the ethical hunter in transforming his wild game into delectable delights.

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